Von Schweikert VR 1's or Totem Model 1 Signatures?

I'm putting together a 2 channel setup for my den and I'm looking at $1Kish monitors. I can probably get the Totems used for around a grand so these two seem like my best choices in that price range. My room is about 18'x18' and my musical tastes are smooth jazz, light R&B, classical and some ambient trance type music mostly. I'd like to go without a sub for now so producing clean/quality bass is important as one of their qualities. My amp will be a Jolida 1501(100w hybrid) and for now the digital source will be a Sony 7700. The speakers will be on stands on both sides of a 60" desk with at least 3' to the sidewalls and 2' behind them.

Thanks for any input from those who have heard both.
a toss up for sound, but those totems have become part of hi end history's sortlist of classic minis...the vr1's on the otherhand are more flexible with placement and associated equipment(perhaps easier to drive too). both are superb choices. there is something about that totem though that makes a piano note sound as weighty as a real piano..a remarkable feat for any speaker,let alone a mini..good luck.
Thank you very much for your reply,

Which of these two do you think will work better in a small room/near field type setup? Will the Jolida have enough(100w) to play the Totems at their best? Just curious, I know it's a different league, but how do these guys compare to lesser monitors like the Axiom Audio M3i or Ascend Acoustics CBM-170's? I've set my budget limit on speakers at $1000 but if I can get 95% of the sound at half of that or less, I'd probably change my direction for the time being. Maybe then I can save up for a better amp and Mani 2's which are basically out of my reach($$) right now.

Thanks again.
i believe the totems will work quite well with the jolida in a nearfield set up and i know they are in many ways the equal of the mani 2. even the non signature model is extremely neutral and natural sounding and will make your small room open up when you play source material that has a big soundstage. its easy for any quality mini monitor to get most instruments and voices right but that totem nails the sound(tonally) of a lifesize piano and most older hi fi nuts will tell you that most newer small speaker designs just can't do it. the bass should also be fine in small to midsize rooms.
before i forget, there's a speaker called the eniga oremus that falls into line with the totem one..they are built in canada and sold by mayaudio.com....although i haven't heard them, those who have liked them for the same reasons i like the totem (tonal quality,imaging and build) and they are a wee bit easier to drive.

go to www.audiovideoreviews.com or http://www.audiovideoreviews.com/speakers.shtml which is part of the Soundstage Network, and there are reviews for some of the minimonitors you might be interested in.

Anyway Doug Schneider there reviewed the Von Schweikert VR-1 and compared them to the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170's, and the Focus Audio '688(which cost a cool $2600)...

The actual review for the VR-1 is in http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/vonschweikert_vr1.htm

Hope this all helps

Audition the Quad 12Ls if you can as well too.