Von Schweikert Dealers in Houston, TX?

i would like to demo a pair of vsa db-99 speakers, but i've been told the closest place is in houston. does anybody know the name / number of the vsa dealer in houston? thanks much.
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Its me!

Esoteric Audio Video
713 410-4016

Contact me,, I'd be happy to work with you!
Esoteric Audio and Video is/was a VSA dealer in Houston. This is a one man operation out of his house.I went there for a demo in the summer. He had a pair of VR4jr's and Hyperion 938's set up nicely in different rooms with various electronics. I don't have a phone number but you can contact from a link on the website. http://www.esotericaudiovideo.com
are you in houston? there is one in plano, tx.