Von Schweikert Dealers in Houston, TX?

i would like to demo a pair of vsa db-99 speakers, but i've been told the closest place is in houston. does anybody know the name / number of the vsa dealer in houston? thanks much.
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Its me!

Esoteric Audio Video
713 410-4016

Contact me,, I'd be happy to work with you!
Esoteric Audio and Video is/was a VSA dealer in Houston. This is a one man operation out of his house.I went there for a demo in the summer. He had a pair of VR4jr's and Hyperion 938's set up nicely in different rooms with various electronics. I don't have a phone number but you can contact from a link on the website. http://www.esotericaudiovideo.com
are you in houston? there is one in plano, tx.
no, i am in mobile, alabama. i spoke with rusty who said my closest dealer was in houston, but i forgot to ask who as i was busy at work when he called back. houston is about 460 miles from here, but i definitely can't buy without hearing first.
Jack from Esoteric in Houston is a good guy. I demoed my DB99's at his house and bought them from him that same day. It was a nice and comfortable setting and totally low pressure. Mostly we listened to music rather than talk gear and he's been very good about staying in touch and making sure I'm happy. I'm hoping he comes to Austin someday and brings the supertweeters with him so I can get a demo of them in my own system:-). If you can make it to Houston it's well worth a stop.

the dealer in plano was Advanced Home Theater but they at the time only had the vr4-sr,vr-2, and vr-1's.