Von Schweikert Audio owners with VR-4 II 5 mod

I bought a pair of VSA VR-4II with the 5 mod from VSA. These are two piece speaker with the slant backs on the M/T modules. I have owned the 3.5s which I sold to get these. I also have a pair of VR2s that now reside in the HT room with a LCR15 center and TS350s surrounds.

I am using a Rogue Mag Chronos 90 watt (KT90) integrated. By itself I can reach peaks of 80 or 90 db with good dynamics in a 16 x 26 foot room. I remembered the Rogue has a variable and fix aux out put and decided to try using my Yamaha m-65 with gain controls on the bass modules and the Rogue on the mids/highs. Mogami 3103 cabling in bi-wire from each amp.

The speakers are 23 in from back wall to back of cab. 4-5 feet from side walls (unequal from rear) with 9 feet between. Listening is about 12 or 13 feet back.

The result was more than subtle but not totally different. M/T was clearer, with more air around the voices and instruments. By clearer I mean more articulate and detail like when a singer changes the throat a little or when a finger moves a bit on a fret or position on a violin. Bass was not deeper but more controlled and sharp like kick drum tight. I seem to like the attenuators set to 1 O'clock with a painted cork wall behind.

Miles Davis trumpet in Kind of Blue just hangs there. Leon Mobley - African Dance Groove is a cd of percussion (actually one of the best I have heard). The subtle hand changes on the skin of his drum are all there like it was live. The dynamics on this cd are second to none.

Anyone else hear it like this?