Volume is to music what speed is to driving...

I get the same kind of rush when I get to really crank up the volume as I get when I shift into 5th gear and take off down the road.
Kinda feel like a bad ass.
yes. fun and a little dangerous. somebody could get hurt if you're not careful. love it.
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You have driven at an average of 80mph on small country trunk roads, and you call 'others' insane?
Was this before speed limits were introduced?
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Elizabeth- you bring back memories. I recall riding my Kawasaki Superbike at 135 MPH, braking rapidly to sweep through decreasing radius turns wondering if I'd die, my knees taking turns flicking the weeds on the sides of the sweeps. Straighten out, crack the throttle, and feel the Dunlop KH81 grip and fling your mortal coil forward with unGodly G's.

Alas, I am now 53, and married with a child, so I put all this behind me some years ago.

But I still remember. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
For me it 25 years ago and that magical moment between 4th and 5th gear on a 1985 V-Max. These days I am a little more conservative with my current ride. Even though it's equipped with a nice sound system, the most intoxicating sound actually comes from under the hood.
I once over took a Ninja900 on the back wheel at 130mph on my Harley 883, whilst smoking some good sh1t.
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Wouldn't want a Harley to go too fast anyway- cause you might have to stop it.