Volume is to music what speed is to driving...

I get the same kind of rush when I get to really crank up the volume as I get when I shift into 5th gear and take off down the road.
Kinda feel like a bad ass.
yes. fun and a little dangerous. somebody could get hurt if you're not careful. love it.
Driving over 120mph.. it's hard to find a place to do it. As for going really fast on winding country roads.. i used to when my car was newer... I loved going around certain small county trunk roads averaging 80mph.. the problem was 'other' insane drivers driving some chunk of junk and totally out of control doing basically the same thing. I still remember pulling up to one such imbecile and mentioning to her that she would have a LOT more control if she would just inflate her tires a bit... (she came around a (small) corner with so little control I was certain I was gonna be her new hood ornament.)
As for LOUD msic, it can be fun... I no longer indulge, and actually never did get into body vibrating sound levels.. my ears thank me for that..
You have driven at an average of 80mph on small country trunk roads, and you call 'others' insane?
Was this before speed limits were introduced?
I hope you noticed the "other" was in quotes, and was used in such a way that I included myself within the insane. So I guess we do not have anything to complain about? do we? (I was CERTAIN someone would notice I did not chide the other driver, merely gave her advice on how to go fast more safely. but alas, you did not pay attention to ANOTHER reason to scold me.)
To answer your 'other' question: Yes, I used the 'Time warp hot tub' "garage ediiton" to fling myself into the future when cars are museum relics and paved roads an historical oddity.. so, no speed limits were trespassed upon in my speedy little trips. (everyone uses the tele (teleport) to travel in 2330. (I have to bring my own gasoline with me...)
Just get a mountain bike and go as fast as you can at 20mph.
Also, for you enjoyment: I have: driven on the #1 main street downtown in a city of X000,000's at 70mph. I have driven in the same city on a 6 lane boulevard at 110mph.
The fastest i have gone within the city limits is 145mph...
Do you know it is HARD to find a stretch of road where one can go over 150mph?
If I owned a vehicle that could go 200mph.. i would be GOING 200mph..
I WANT to buy a Hyabusa.. the best 200+mph machine I know of...
Alas, I am 60+ years old.. if I fell off a motorcycle, at even 130mph it would hurt too much.
One of my fav moments.. driving around a curve on the local freeway at 90mph.. the bike next to me I was keeping up with.. at the straightaway.. looks at me, I give the 'thumbs up' sign, he POPS A WHEELIE AND TEARS AWAY FROM ME GOING 95MPH AS IF I AM STANDING STILL... what a cool experience!
I hope these experiences give you a bit of hope that America is not just going to be full of little old ladies who cannot drive.
Elizabeth- you bring back memories. I recall riding my Kawasaki Superbike at 135 MPH, braking rapidly to sweep through decreasing radius turns wondering if I'd die, my knees taking turns flicking the weeds on the sides of the sweeps. Straighten out, crack the throttle, and feel the Dunlop KH81 grip and fling your mortal coil forward with unGodly G's.

Alas, I am now 53, and married with a child, so I put all this behind me some years ago.

But I still remember. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
For me it 25 years ago and that magical moment between 4th and 5th gear on a 1985 V-Max. These days I am a little more conservative with my current ride. Even though it's equipped with a nice sound system, the most intoxicating sound actually comes from under the hood.
I once over took a Ninja900 on the back wheel at 130mph on my Harley 883, whilst smoking some good sh1t.
on a Harley 883 top speed listed at 110 mph.. good stuff indeed with those pipedreams, and doing a wheelie at 130mph.. impressive, I bet you didn't have ANY trouble doing it with you apehangers either.
(some fantasies are just too unreal..)
A Harley doing 110mph? now you are being silly.lol
Wouldn't want a Harley to go too fast anyway- cause you might have to stop it.