Vinyl reissues quality

I have purchased 10-12 rock/pop/female vocal vinyl reissues lately and the surface noise on about 30% of them is loud enough to be distracting. The surface noise isn't the occassional click and pop but ranges from a constant crackling to constant low roar almost like tape hiss. Cleaning helps some but does not solve the problem. I have LP's from my college days that are 30 years old and are quieter than the brand new 180 gram virgin vinyl reissues. Am I unlucky or are others experiencing the same?

I have to say that lately - Pallas absolutely sucks.

All of the Wilco reissues were awful - I tried 3 different times, and they were always warped.

Sara Watkins' solo LP was terribly warped, and I returned that one.

The Jimi Hendrix reissues were actually pretty flat and quiet.
I have bought a few new re-issue lps lately and its been hit and miss. Definately better luck with german, japanese and british pressings. I have reverted back to sourcing good used lps and am having better luck with them than the re-issues. I have bought some great re-issues but not for the most part. I seriously beleive the quality of the vynil is the main source much like happened in the latter 70's during the oil crisis. I would rather pay 50 to a 100 for a descent original pressing than be stuck with a 25 to 50 dollar reissue that is lifeless in both sound and by sitting dead on a shelf un-used. Classic records hit and miss and their high price in my opinion is why they are not anymore. Maybe AcousTech will do a better job. I have a few of their re-issues that are excellent still retaining the life that vynil gives. Cheers!
I have purchased lps from Vinyl Lovers (Mayall, John Cale) and they are excellent pressing - no pops, ticks, or other surface noise.
I have had really great luck with Classic Records reissues (jazz and classical), though I know there was a time where people were complaining about some QC issues, and I've never heard any of the newer 200g reissues (which I've also read complaints about). Their reissues of RCA Living Stereo classical records sound better (to me) than some close-to-mint originals I've heard. More 'modern'-sounding, but in a good way (if that makes sense).
Speakers Corners reissues are super nice (their Starker Bach Cello Suites boxset is as good as vinyl sound gets, in my opinion).
Consistency-wise, I ALWAYS had great luck with regular old Japanese reissues, in all genres - the vinyl they use just seems to be 'purer' and quieter.
Ticks & pops I can live with But the crackling drives Me
mad. I have noticed that a higher percentage of new vinyl
is lacking in quality, I just received the latest double LP from Govt Mule & it is a huge let down, very compressed,& very noisy.

I have been meaning to try some of that mold release
cleaner If I can find some, (never tried before), maybe
that will diminish some of the noise on the new LP's