Vintage Grundig Console Repair

My father still has his console from cira 1964 which I would like to refurbish. It will power up but no output. The platter will not turn either. Any guidance you can provide re:refurbishing would be appreciated.
I would not recommend that you try to power it up again. It very likely has dried up elecrolytic capacitors which probably all need to be replaced. Fortunately that is not a terrible job, nor should it be very expensive. Whether or not you should also replace some, or all of the resistors should also be considered. All of the potentiometers and other switches should receive a thorough cleaning, and replacement as needed as well as all lamp bulbs while you have it apart. The bigger question lies in how close to original you want to be. The larger "can type" electrolytic capacitors are very hard to find, some bypass them with newer ones, others clean out the old can, placing a new, smaller sized capacitor inside the old can, and others place a new capacitor underneath the circuit board if there is room to do so. Replace all of the tubes or transistors that need it. Cross-over capacitors should also be changed in the speakers if present. Platter bearings likely need cleaning and lubrication, you likely need a new cartridge or stylus at the very least, and, if the platter does not turn at all, either a new belt or motor (all should be obtainable with a little luck). Don't try to power it up again unless you are a qualified technician, as you could cause more serious damage. Once restored, you should have a very nice and nostalgic piece of HiFi history to be proud of. Happy Listening.
The two problems you've described are unrelated to each other. Do you want to get a technical guidance and fix it yourself as intro to electronics ET101/ET101L :-)?
Most of these consoles sold in working condition for arround $100 otherwise.