Vincent PHO-8

I enjoy listening to albums with  my Mac C2200 MM phonostage. Recently I wanted to try an outboard phono pre
and came across the Vincent PHO-8.  Has anyone listened to both, and could point out the pro's and con's of each?
I would also like to add a MC cartridge in the future and the C2200 is MM only.
I don't know the MacC2200, but can tell you the Vincent PHO-8 is very good for the money. Set one up for a mate and he loves it. Like nearly all Vincent products amazing bang for the buck.
I recently set up my new Vincent PHO-8.  It has less than 3 hours of use on it because I had to return my TT for another one.  In the meantime I dusted off my old Pioneer sa9100 amp and am thinking of using it instead of the new Vincent.

If you haven't purchased it yet, I may be selling mine.

I ended up with the Lehmann Black Cube SE and love it.
My little Vincent PHO-8 sounds great.. I hooked it up to my Yamaha DSP-A1 integrated amp.. It made a nice improvement for sure.. I also purchased a Pangea power cord to make as much as an improvement as I could (for my budget) but it doesn't connect all the way into the PHO-8.. Only a quarter of the way but it's getting power and sounds great.. Was told it needs a 100 hrs of play until it really opens up..

I have it hooked up to a Pro-ject Esprit table.. I'm glad I made the purchase..