Victor or JVC M-7050 power amp

I would appreciate if anyone could give me some information on JVC or Victor M-7050 power amp. Specifically, how does it sound?, is it pure class A? can it drive any loudspeakers and any cautions in using it. Many thanks. Bill
If this is the late 70s high end from JVC, then pass on it. Just another bright, hard amp. Forget "class A" as meaning anything translating to musicality - meaning, once you put the amp in, you forget "auditioning" and . If you want affordable performance from the 80s - DENON POA 1500, 4400A, 6600A, YAMAHA M4, M2, Tandberg 3000 series. Cheap great bass: yamaha 2200 pro amp, oldest Brystons.
Thanks. Bill
The best amp I had it dies with home accident,
beautifull looking an sound