VH Audio Pulsar vs. Kimber Hero

To replace my BJC LC-1's for pre to amps I was considering either VH Audio Pulsar (cryo, Silver NextGen) or Kimber Hero (WBT-0144). I already get terrific extension and detail from my CDP to pre with HT MAGIC Link IIs. Any thoughts?

I need 4 meter RCA pair, which is why I cannot get more expensive cables. And I'd prefer a non-plated wire. So for my budget (around $500) I thought one these two might do.

There are alot of comments on VH Audio ICs, including the Pulsars, over on Audio Asylum. Several of these comments can be found as links on the VH Audio web site, but an AA search will turn up more.

In short, I have found VH Audio ICs and PCs to be phenomenal value for the $$, of first rate construction and very friendly service. If you like the VH Audio sound, i.e., neutral to a bit detailed in the treble, a warm mid-range and tight bass (that's in my system, of course), you would need to pay 2x-3x the price to get something comparable from a more "mainstream" manufacturer

Another mom and pop shop that has great value for the $$ is Silver Audio, which as the name implies, is all silver ICs. I don't know if you are looking at Cu exclusively.

Read alot and if you like what you find out, give them a try. VH Audio and Silver Audio have a 30 day return policy for "stock" lengths.