Very Best of Fleetwood Mac CD

I would highly reccomend this CD for any fans of the Buckingham-Nicks era Fleetwood Mac. The remastering job is very well done. You get the whole "Rumours" CD sans two tracks that were lesser-known. I have openly complained several times about the sound of the original "Rumours" CD, and it seems I will be silenced. It's obvious that this was never an "audiophile-grade" CD, but now you really get a powerful dose of the rhythm section, and a nice sensation of overall "foglifting". The track selection is excellent, there are virtually no stones left unturned. This disc warrants the Target-priced $14.88 for the 2-Cd set.
System: Cary 300 SEI/Cary CD-306/Triangle Celius
Also in heavy-rotation: Mark Knopfler "Ragpicker's Dream",Tom Petty "The Last DJ",and several of the new Stones remasters.
You are right on the Fleetwood Mac. I listened to disc 1 last night and it is like hearing these songs for the very first time. Great remastering job. Just really irks me that FM's catalog has not been remastered.
I have to give a dissenting view, I was disappointed in remaster job and after comparing to older Fleetwood Mac Cds found the older ones superior. The new remaster has thin glassy treble especially noticeable on 2nd CD later tracks,
which negates any benefit from increased detail or tighter bass.

I also hope they remaster the FM back catalog, but get someone like Bob Ludwig not the guys who did current remaster.
Bob Ludwig? He did the same thing to Bruce Springsteen's new album, The Rising. How about Doug Sax, who remastered all the Floyd stuff, or Steve Hoffman. Tubes, baby Tubes
Just went to pick up this CD but thought about returning it after reading Megasam's comments. I decided to open it, and am amazed at how bright and hard sounding this disc is. The original was much smoother. Digititasmigraine....Original releases much better.