Velodyne DD10+ DC output from XLR's


I have a set of Velodyne DD10+ subs that I'm setting up all XLR now that I have an XP-10 preamp and MOON W-8 amplifier. All is fine when I use the XP-10 XLR outs to MOON W-8 XLR inputs. If I use the exact same leads into the DD10+ subs, and run the DD10+ "through" XLR outputs with another set of XLR leads to the MOON W-8 amp, the amp shows DC on the left and right inputs from the subs. I checked and even resoldered the XLR's to insure no shorts, and tested continuity and shorts on all. The leads check out fine.

Is anyone using the DD+ series of subs with all XLR's? Any issues with DC protection being triggersd in your amps? I know some class D amps have voltage on the signal side that needs to be removed. Not sure about the CLASS D amps in the DD+ subs, however.

For now, I use the RCA XP-10 outputs to the subs (the bass is less problamatic to sound quality), and the XLR's to the W-8's (where the sound improvement is the highest). Still, the XLR's in the DD10+ subs should work.