VansEvers Clean Lines Jr - Analog - two toggles - which does what?

Any Audiogoners still using one of these vintage power units for power to your turntable's motor? There are two toggles which I believe are one for Bass, one for Treble? Haven't been able to find a manual on the internet and the one review article doesn't mention the effect of toggles or the settings.
I just saw your 2017 post re the vans Evers "Clean Line" Ples "Toggle Switches"...
I have 3 of them in storage from a system used 12+ years ago, have no manuals and am wondering if you ever figured what the setting were for...
The Vans Evers Co is noe oob and no one in Tampa seems to know where he is to ask him:
Id appreciate any info you can give me...Thank you
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