Vandy 5a's ?

Just curious has anyone heard these
speakers? I've been told they are a
major improvement over the 5's. Thanks

Perhaps someone who has had the chance to conduct an A-B test between the original Model 5's and the new 5A's will answer your post. I have not made such a comparison, but I will say as a long-time Vandy owner (more than 15 years) that Richard Vandersteen's upgrades on a given model tend to be more subtle than dramatic. So, I'd be a little suspect that the 5A's are a MAJOR improvement over the original, excellent Model 5 design.

I talked with Richard Vandersteen last November when he was in Tacoma, WA, to conduct an evening seminar at Advanced Audio Systems. Richard mentioned that the 5A upgrade was about to be introduced, and said that changes were made to the tweeter and to the crossover -- there may be other changes as well, but he didn't mention them.

Since the 5A upgrade can be made AT HOME by owners of the Model 5, using only a screwdriver and soldering iron, it is clear that the upgrade involves components, and is not a major overhaul of the Model 5. Based on my past experience with Vandersteen's model upgrades, I'd anticipate that the Model 5A will have subtle improvements in the mid-range transparency (and maybe transient response), and perhaps a bit better overall frequency balance (although, to my ear, the original Model 5 has no identifiable flaws in this area).
I agree with Sdcampbell. Usually improvements are in the refinement area. I'm sure they will make an excellent speaker better but I would doubt they will fall in the major arena. I would say in the area of the difference between the 3A and the 3A Signature would be more like it. It was a definite upgrade and worth while as for transparency and high frequency purity. Even though it wasn't a leap, it was a nice jump with the model 5 tweeter. The 5 is such a good speaker as is, it will be interesting to hear the change. But who knows, it is a pricey upgrade. I hope someone VERY familiar with Vandersteen's will respond.
.......well, I own the Vand. 5s and love them-- haven't heard the 5As, but the $4500. cost of up-grade is out of my league. I suspect what Scott and Bigtee said above is right on. Cheers. Craig
Who knows? There are only two 5A models out there. And, the only sold pair are to Musical Surroundings owner, Garth Leerer. It's kind of early to know if the improvements are in fact, improvements, isn't it?