Vandersteen Quatro vs. GMA Calypso

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Two excellent speakers from two of the best guys in the biz. I havent heard the Calypso's, but I have heard the continuum 3's and the quatros. You cant go wrong with either speaker; they represent the state of the art in speaker design. Ultimately it will be a matter of taste and preference. My taste? I prefer the quatro's for the following reasons:

1) Better bass (depth, pitch, timing) with room tailoring capabilities that work astonishingly well. This feature improves everything: soundstage, midrange, etc.
2) I think the quatros allow you to enjoy all types of music regardless of recording quality. The C3's can be a little threadbare and ruthlessly revealing.

The one thing that I did love about the C3's that the quatro's cant quite compete could crank the snot out of the C3's; they were unflappable.
I pose this question because both speakers are quite new to the marketplace and both retail in the same price range (well, the wood version of the Quatro's vs. the Calypso).

In theory, the powered integrated subs (with room response adjustment features) may give the Quatro's the edge. However, I haven't heard either, so I couldn't say. I have much respect for both Roy and Richard as designers - it would be an interesting battle between these two latest releases.
Give 'em a listen. The Quatro is superb...almost as good as 5As. Not sure about the GMA product.
I can honestly say that the Quatros are worth your time to audition though.