VALENTYNE SUITE by COLOSSEUM. An ambitious and bold yet so beautifully executed progressive jazz rock classical epic from master English musicians guided by band leader drummer Jon Hiseman. He completed the sleeve notes just as Neil Armstrong took "one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind", July 21st, 1969.

Yes indeed VALENTYNE SUITE, basically a love song, is a giant leap in epic compositions, in concept albums and an bold experiment of artistic and music freedom in rock music. It was 1969 and the album stands as a beautiful document of an era when musicians did exactly what they wanted to do, just music no compromises. Art at finest. An era that had begun in Hendrix´s Ladyland and Procol Harum´s "In Held Twas in I" in previous year. Rock`n´roll was never the same anymore and Progressive Rock changed everything.
My pleasure, Mike. Well, my copy of Australian release is on the way. Couldn´t resist to buy, you know it is the very 1st Fontana edition and in stunning condition (fingers crossed) ; )

All the Greenslade albums are great, except Time and Tide, 1975 which is somewhat lame, too pop and quite commercial to my taste. No wonder bassist & producer Tony Reeves is no longer with them.
In our LRS today and with being fresh in mind went a hunting.

Picked up Colosseum Live and Cactus Choir by Dave Greenslade.

And another memory jolt.

Wardance by Colosseum II with Gary Moore.

Almost forgot about the most excellent Colosseum II version.

Well worth a listen as well.
Valentyne Suite the Australian first press on Fontana label is just beautiful.
And this Live reissue just released in spring seems to be very interesting:
Gotta get that too, the best live record in the golden age of rock, it was 1971 ... oh boy ...
My original Colosseum Live LP cover has reddish clear thin plastic record sleeves glued inside the outer cover, with thin foam strips inside the edge of the sleeves to stop the records from sliding out.  This can't have been great for the vinyl...