VAC Phi Beta 110 Integrated

Has anyone heard/own this amplifier that can tell me about their experience, including associated equipment? Thank you.
I have sold my phi 110 amp and am waiting on the phi beta integrated. I believe it is Kevin's best work to date. The sound is exceptional. I did own the phi 110 and the ren sig preamp. Call Kevin at VAC and let him walk you through the differences. I also borrowed a friends phi preamp to try with the phi 110. I have owned various VAC gear for the last 13 years. It is exceptionally musical, the service is terrific and the tubes last. The only reason I have ever sold a piece of VAC gear is to upgrade to other VAC equipment. I now listen with sonoran cable, sistrum racks and Caravelle speakers (which are some of the most musical, dynamic speakers I have heard). I have owned, Hales 5's, maggies, spendor and diapasons. You can not go wrong with VAC gear - very musical, dynamic, fast - 3 dimension of tubes with bass of solid state and frequency extention on top (not rolled off!). Enjoy. Email if you want to ask more questions.
Congratulations, Scotty! The Phi Beta looks like a heck of a unit. I also own the Phi 110/110, and your description is spot on. When you get tired of that Phi Beta, please drop me an e-mail. :)

See my reiew on the PHI BETA 110. It is a terrific preamp/amp combo.