Using directory info to tag in iTunes?

I've got a bunch of wav files ripped to a NAS drive that I want to import into iTunes. I can get the songs into iTunes, but it looks like I'm going to be forced to enter artist/album/genre for each. These wav files are organized into a main folder called My Music, with subfolders for Artist/Album. Anyone know of a utility or something to use the directory structure information to create iTunes library references?

No, I don't want to re-rip everything using iTunes... The files are also used by Audiotrons, which can use a nonstandard form of tags for wav files... I need to keep them in wav format b/c it seems to be the lowest common denominator for a multiplatform system...
Is there a reason you cannot use the CDDB Gracenote database? I've had luck using it for songs I imported from various sources.

Keep in mind that you can change the tags on large groups of songs if you have to do it manually. Select the group of songs you want and go to "Get Info" under the "File menu."

Good luck
I've used cddb in connection ripping on EAC, but I always thought it was CD-based, not song based. It would be nice if it would look up individual songs, but I'm not sure it can... Maybe I will give it a whirl and see.