usher x718

hi all,
im shopping for speakers,im leaning toward usher x718 to be used with my integrated rotel ra1062.
is it a good one?
maybe you guys could help me out with suggestions...

thanks a lot
I have the Usher x718 and i have used a B&K ST 140, McCormack dna.5, and NAD integrated. I also heard them with a lolida integrated with 60 watts per side. The Ushers sound great with all of them-but the better electronics the better they sound, and if possible try to use 100 watts per side (rec id 80) b/c they really sing with a high current amp. I have them on 24 inch metal stands filled with sand and they always perfom well. also, bi wiring can help the sound of the Ushers, and listening w/o the grills. I think you will like them right away with your Rotel amp, but i bet you end up switching it out for an amp with a sweeter high end in a litle while b/c the Ushers are fairly revealing and I hear rotel gear is a bit bright. The ushers are revealing of upstream changes, so you will be able to tell the diff b/t amps, cables, etc. i plan to keep mine for a long time. enjoy.