Usher / Rapport Speaker Cables

Looking for advice on the best place to purchase Usher/Rapport speaker cables.What's the best price per foot.Also appreciate any opinions from actual users of this cable.
Doesn't anyone use these cables,and if so where did you purchase them from?
they are no longer being brought in by the distributor.
USHER RAPPORT Speaker cables. Available at KC AUDIO , Melbourne , AUSTRALIA...all new 2010 stock direct from Usher...give them a ring ..+61 419772188..very cheap but very very good cables!!
I'm still using my Rapport speaker cables and interconnects that I bought four years ago. Might want to check if they are the same formulation and model. My 1 meter interconnects are model "MN800-1" and 3 meter speaker cables are model "YPB621B-3"

The speaker cables came with large 5/16" spades on one end and bananas on the other. I had to replace the 5/16" spades with 1/4" to fit my amp's binding posts.

I found this Czech Rapport website that has pictures and other info: . Use google translator to translate to your language of choice if necessary. :-)