Used Spectral Gear

I'm looking for any info. regarding used Spectral Gear,especially their amps. I see that there are a few used amps for sale which is not abnormal but these are older(mostly) and I've heard from my dealer that they are not easy to update. All older amps need some kind of update,i'm sure and i'm wondering if Spectral is like any other amp. The used prices are o.k but I don't want to have to add expensive updates,etc.
Thanks in advance.
To my knowledge, there are no updates for older products.
Most I think ,can be repaired .
If you buy used make sure that the unit has not been
modified. Spectral will not repair modified units.
Make sure that the seller used only MIT Spectral cables. It has been told to me that other types of cables will damage the unit. It is also in the Spectral owners manual about the cables to use.
They should only be repaired by Spectral or the warrenty is no good and Spectral will not repair any of their products if someone other than Spectal has worked on them.
It is also Highly recommended that you use the Spectral Pre-Amp to go with the amps, they will not work properly if used with other pre-amps.
I have the Spectral 30SS pre-amp and the DMA-360's mono blocks. I use only MIT Spectral Cables for every hookup.
I'm very happy with the purchase that I made, and Spectral matches very well with my Avalon Radian HC speakers.
Be carefull buying from someone that has not followed Spectral recommendations for cabling.
Give Terry Menacker a call at Overture, he usally has certified used Spectral gear.
Joe Nies
Thanks for the replies.
Wow, if you can only use a specific speaker cable, I don't think I would ever want to own one.
Not sure what you have read regarding updates. There are no updates for these amplifiers, in fact, Spectral has very long product cycles and rarely even changes models. Many good points made already, especially making sure the amps have been used with Spectral/MIT cables. To my ears, these are some of the very finest amplifiers made so you are looking at damn fine sounding gear! I also have DMA 360's which I upgraded from a DMA 180 so very familiar with Spectral. Currently in search of a pair of DMA 360 series 2 and that will likely be the last amp I ever buy.
Hello Richard,
Hope your quest for the series 2 happens to you soon.
I also own the DMA 360 series 1 amps. I also have the 30SS pre-amp.
I also would like to upgrade to the series 2 one of these days.
I did upgrade to the MIT Spectral line of cable, I took my older MIT cables and put them on my HT system.
The Spectral gear matches very well with my Avalon speakers, I'm very happy with my purchase.
Joe Nies