Used Preamp that sound as good as newer

Dear Audiogoner

I'm looking for a used preamp with phono input that sounds as good as new and rather expensive one.

Followings are the preamps in my list

Classe / DR6 MKII
Linn / Kairn
Counterpoint / SA-5000E
Spectral / DMC10 Delta

Any suggestions or comments ?

I've auditioned the Counterpoint SA-5000 and the SA5. I found the SA5 to be a touch more "musical" whereas the SA5000 seemed "forward" and aggressive.

However, I opted for a vintage Audio Research SP8 preamp, and had Steve Huntley at GNSC upgrade the caps and work some other modification magic on it, and it sounds exquisite in my system. The phono preamp on this unit is excellent.
look at the naim nac 82. it is very musical and will better the linn or counterpoint .
Check out the Tube Audio Design-150 by Paul at Bizzy Bee audio. I just bought one that replaced an ARC SP9 MK2 with NOS Amperex tubes.....

Any Klyne preamp--wonderful. I have an SK-5A and I'd happily put it up against any in your list. Super phono.
Klyne is good. The Classe on your list is too. So is the audible illusions.
I second coffee nudge here... top notch phono stage!