USB to AES/EBU connector

Is there such a thing as a USB to AES/EBU connector so I can run the output of my laptop (USB) into my Levinson DAC. I'd like to try this. I don't want to buy a new DAC. Where can I buy one, what would it cost? Anyone else try this?

From USB to AES/EBU ,it needs much much more than simply a connector!!!
Hence,impossible to find one,especially with acceptable quality for audio!
That is a great system placed in a very nice room. You must try an Empirical Audio Off-Ramp Turbo ( usb to aes-ebu). I am burning one in right now and I feel like it is the missing link to extract the most from computer audio.
I have been using a computer for my transport for over 3 years now and could NEVER go back to playing silver discs. Plus I am burning vinyl onto my hardrive at 24/96 and the sound is really nice. Have fun.
That is interesting! I have thought about doing something simmilar going into my Classe DAC-1...If anyone else knows another device, that would be helpful too!