Upgrading tubes for Jadis Orchestra amplifier??

Hi Dear fellows,

I have a Jadis Orchestra amp and was thinking in making an upgrade of tubes.

What El34 and 12ax7 tubes have you tried in the Jadis Orchestra amplifier apart from the original Electro Harmonix?Which were the results in performance that you have experienced with these upgrading tubes?Any experiences will be very hepful.
Thanks in advance!

I have Golden Lion KT88 as output tubes and they are great, they are factory original from Jadis. Never heard the amp with other tubes that KT88. You should be able to install them as well if you want, but manual bias is needed! I recently swapped the small 12ax7 tubes for 5751 tubes that are similar to 12ax7 (no need for manual bias) but the difference is not huge, I think the output tubes are more important. I love this integrated tube amp, lovely to look at and the sound from it is beautiful as well!