Upgrading Amp


I am looking to upgrade my system. I run a 5.1 for Audio DVD's, SACD's and also home theater. I also listen to 2 channel currently with CD's. I just purchased Sonus Faber Cremona M's as main and centers.

My current system has an Emotiva XPA 5, A Pioneer VSX 92 TXH that I am using as a pre-pro, and a Panosonic DMP-BD30 to play DVD's, SACD's and CD's. I will be replacing or upgrading those components as funds permit.

A few questions - in what order would you replace the components? The only choice of component so for is The new Oppo 95 for a source.

As far as the amp a few choices;
Keep the Emotiva for the center and rears and get a quality 2 channel amp for the mains.
Keep the Emotiva and mono blocks for the mains.
Replace the Emotiva with a new 5 channel amp.

The Emotiva puts out 300 per channel into 4 ohms. Would I benefit from more power or cleaner power from a better amp?

It is a rather large room 20x20 with 18' walls.

The current system sounds great however I am looking for better performance as we all are.

The Cremona's have a Sensitivity of 91dB.

What amplification would work best in my system?

I appreciate all of the input.
I would take a good look at the new Mark Levinson 500H Series amps. Powerful, clean souding and cool running amps!