Upgrade, tweak to Thorens 320

I am the orginal owner of a Thorens TD 320. I go through phases of listening to my Thorens, so it hasn't had a lot of use. It has a pickering XSV 5000 cartridge, is on vibapods, and I run it into a PS Audio Phono link. I must say that I am on a budget but thought that I might try another tone arm or cartridge at some time in the future. Any suggestions ?
Any Thorens experts out there ?
I am currently using the 321 which is the same as yours but
without the Thorens arm.I'm using a Rega RB300 and a
Clearaudio Aurum Beta II.I had the arm rewired from Expressimo and use their weight and VTA collar.I also
put the table on brass points.All in all I am pretty
satisfied with it.Stereophile did a review on the table
around 1996 and suggested some tweaks.Make sure the table is set up level and the belt rides on the pulley properly.
I think a simple upgrade might be to take a look at some
other cartridges that work with your other components.I had
your cartridge about 10 years ago and did not care for it.
Hope this helps a little.