Upgrade help: Luxman and McIntosh.

This is my first here although I have been reading this forum for several years and and immensely thankful for several knowledgeable posters.

Current system is Bluesound Node 2i >> Schiit Bifrost2 >> Arcam A75 Plus >> Totem Sttaf. 

Musical interests are Jazz, Blues, Classical and Vocals(mostly female) and listen at low to moderate volume.

I have had Arcam/Totem combination for over fifteen years and have been happy but recently caught the upgrade bug, not because my system is unsatisfactory but rather because of the thought that I might be missing something.

After some research I have narrowed my selection to  Luxman L-507uxii with Spendor D7.2 or McIntosh MA352 with Dynaudio Contour 30i.

I think I can live with either of the speakers although I am leaning more towards the Spendors.

I would appreciate any comments/advice from someone who has listened to the specific models or experiance with products from both companies.

Thanks in advance.


No I am not experiencing any harshness; it was a poor choice of words on my part. What I wanted to convey was there was more clarity and detail to cymbals compared to my previous setup.  I will listen to "Hate it Here" by Wilco this evening and let you about the lead guitar.
@shahram I did listen to "Hate it Here" last night and the guitar sounded normal to my ears. My room 14ft wide and abound 30ft long. As you said, it might be room acoustics.


Thanks for listening! Your comments are much appreciated. I guess I just need a bigger room...