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SS integrated recommendations - the final piece to my system
You can probably find a luxman 505uXII for around 3000 bucks used. Luxman are know for a refined sound. Will have plenty of power.  
Schiit Audio headphone amps
I have the Schiit Vali 2 and it sounds plenty good with my Audioquest Nightowl headphones. I also have an older Benchmark DAC1 and it as good, if not better.I have not tried many other headphone amps but it works pretty flawlessly. I also changed ... 
Pass XA 25 versus Parasound A21+ - anyone compare?
I would also chime in that the Rainmaker is pretty low sensitivity and your room is pretty moderately sized. The Pass does make closer to 80 watts per channel (at 1% distortion) so it should be enough power, but the only way to know is to try it. 
Pass XA 25 versus Parasound A21+ - anyone compare?
@avanti1960┬áDid you get rid of the Rogue Stereo 100, or swapping back in forth for a different flavor? 
Need preamp recommendation
I agree that the LTA preamps are enticing. I personally would want the one below. I've read that it can sound a bit lean so matching with amplifier is key.  
Need preamp recommendation
What power amp do you have?What features do you need from a preamp? I've been looking at preamps extensively as well in that price range. I have been curious to see what tubes would do in the chain to go along with a SS power amp.These three are o... 
Primaluna EVO 300/400 Preamplifier owners - let's hear from you
@rzrompThanks for the feedback. Your full tube setup sounds enticing!How is the volume control via remote? Does it do incremental adjustments well? What kind of music do you listen to mostly? 
Impressions: $1k-$2k integrated amps
I would add the Schiit Ragnarok and Musical Fidelity M5si to your list. 
Separates to tube integrated
You can also look at Vincent audio for a Hybrid design. The one below is really well reviewed. It's class A solid state with a tube preamp.  
Separates to tube integrated
Primaluna EVO 300/400 is a really good choice. You could save some change and get the previous rev Dialogue Premium Integrated. Luxman also has an Integrated LX-580. The Rogue Audio gets good reviews as well. I would just figure out what kind of s... 
Whats playing on your system today?
My Morning Jacket - Waterfall IIThis album is just so lush and dynamic. Great folk rock with a psychedelic leaning. 
I am looking for help selecting an amplifier to match my Revel F228Be speakers.
You can get a Luxman 509x for 7K used. Should be pretty smooth in the treble. Save a few grand with the 507. 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Can't go wrong with the choices above. If you are in the US easier to find Luxman and Pass Labs. 
Optimal output range
If you look at some graphs showing power vs. distortion you will see the sweet spot for the amp when it comes to output. SS state amps generally start at lowish distortion, drop down even lower in the sweet spot, and then rise (eventually steeply)... 
Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60
@audiofoundDid you end up making a decision on the Luxman vs. Pass?