Upgrade and Invest in Rega P2 or P3

Apologies for slightly long story here. 

I currently own two Rega turntables. 

1) A P3 which I purchased in the UK and runs on 230v. As I am now in the US i have been unable to use this. This has a Rega Elys (purple) cartridge but is otherwise standard. 

2) A P2 which I purchased several years ago in the US and has had several upgrades including: 

a) Mitchell Tecnoweight Counterweight (seehttps://www.vinylengine.com/michell-tecnoweight.shtml)

b) Incognito wiring upgrade kit (see https://www.gcaudio.com/products/incognito-rewiring-kit-for-rega-tonearms/)

This P2 also has a Rega Elys 2 (blue) cartridge fitted and a spare purple Elys cartridge. 

So the question is should I just forget about the P3 and not try and sort the voltage / power supply issue or will it be worth the effort? If the latter might it be possible touse the power supply from the P2? And then might it be worth pulling the various other upgrades off the P2 and putting these all onto the P3 and really going to town.Lastly, I would not be able to do all this myself so would need to find someone to do this (Washington DC area). 

Any help on the questions above and advice would be most welcome. 



You can buy a step-up power supply on Amazon for little money.
Hi my reluctance here was concern that it would likely create some kind of buzz / interference. Was this not the case?
No. You could always return it. 
Ok so i go my hands on the Goldsource STU 500 and now have the P3 spinning. When I tested it I realized that the original Elys (purple) cartridge is end of life and not working. 
So now my quandary is do i just get on with life and use the P2 and figure its fine or do I perhaps migrate over the Elys 2 and maybe some of the other upgrades (listed above) to the P3 and maybe even the glass platter. Bottom line is the P2 with upgrades likely already better than the P3 or will P3 outperform regardless and therefore worth the time and money on the swapover?
New (60hz) pulley on its way from Tango Spinner. That should take care of that. Now just need to decide on what new cartridge. So many choices....