Upgrade Advice

I use a Mark Levinson 335 & a 38 A theta Miles & Martin Logan SL3 & Harmonic Technologies through out my system. If I where to make an upgrade what would it be? And to what? Or should I leave well enough alone? Thanks
Do you have the ML's bi-wired? Sounds like a nice system maybe try some tweaks, run a dedicated line, don't just upgrade to upgrade. It sounds like you are happy with it, as most folks would be. thanks
By the way have you heard the replacement for the SL3's? I forget the model name.That's the upgrade I am wanting.( to replace aerius i )
If you can afford the $$$$, you owe yourself to give a listen to Lev 32 pre. It is absolutely a-maz-ing. Make sure it is well broken in (4 to 8 weeks !), if you can, run it balanced. FYI, I'm running 31.5/30.6/32/335/BW802 with Synergistic (since y'day) XLR IC, Orchid AES/EBU and AudioMagic speaker wire. 32 was the single most pronounced change in my system (original was 37/30.5/Krell KRC-HR/Krell 200S/ Tara MG-2).
I would upgrade your 38 to the 380S. Of course the 32 is better, but I'm not sure it's cost justified in your system (there's an aweful lot you can do with $15k). I have Martin Logan Monoliths and upgraded from a 38S to the 380S--huge difference. Far more transparent and open--which really shines on ML speakers. Bi-wiring the ML's is a must and reasonably inexpensive--so as No_Money points out--do that. As to the new line of ML speakers--if you have the space you might consider moving up to the Requests. As the new line replaces the old one, you should be able to find a good deal on Requests and I think for the money they will beat the new speaker line.
thank you to all the tips. my system is biwired. it does sound awesome but are we ever really satisfied?????????????????????????????/
I would try the PS Audio Power Plant P300 power conditioner with multiwave option. You could power the theta or the harmonic technologies with clean AC through this power conditioner, or else you could plug the ML's into it. Then you could increase the AC voltage to 125 volts and see if it helps out the stators in your speakers as it is supposed to do. Hey, those speakers don't draw 300 watts, connect a few more things into the PS 300. Crank it up!