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Dutch & Dutch 8c speaker stand washers

Some of the washers are missing from one of my 8c speaker stand packages. Does anyone think it wo...

Power Amp for Dynaudio Contour 30 and 25C Center

Hi fellow audio fans, I currently have the following equipment:Arcam AVR 850 which delivers 180W ...

BEST NEW AND OLD SONGS [Mention favourite new and old songs]

list the best new and old songs.SILVER SPOON IN MY MOUTH https://youtu.be/6ILzvnaSo-Q CHOPSTICKS ...

Transrotor Dark Star

Just setup a Transrotor Dark Star. It resides on an HF-4 Solid Steel rack. This is not the refere...

Rogue Pharoah or Vincent 237MK2 Integrated?

Who has experience with one or both of these? I’m certainly reading good things and am aware of t...

AV processor choice - Mac MX123 vs NAD M17 v2i

would be paired with a mac mc255 5 channel amp. And b&w 802 d3 spkrs.primary issue would be S...

Jantzen Superior-z vs claritycap CMR

anyone compared or used them?i would know their sound qualitythank you

Tonearms for the ClearAudio Performance DC?

Greetings all, What tonearms, OTHER THAN those made by ClearAudio, work with the CA Performance D...

Ayon Audio S-5 and the I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RAS2T Music Server/Audio File Transport

Has anybody tested whether the Ethernet output on the I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RAS2T Music Server/...

LSA-10 signature/statement

Has anyone heard these speakers and preferred them over mid/high end bookshelf offerings from Dyn...