Tweaks for Silverline speakers?

Anyone try replacing the spikes that comes with Silverlines with Audiopoints or putting them on Sistrum stands? How about adding Bybee filters? I contacted Alan Yun concerning Bybee filters and he said Bybee had been to his shop, but they didn't get a chance to properly test the Bybee filters, so he didn't know exactly what they would do.
I too contacted Allan regarding a replacement for the spikes on my new Sonata MK.lll speakers. He reccommended Hockey Pucks, unfortunately I don't know anything about or where to buy them.
What are the sistrum stands you speak about and how do they work with these speakers?
I own a pair of LaFolias and initially I had them on pucks. This made it fairly easy to move them until I was happy with the placement. They weight 165 lbs each so once I found the optimum spot, there they will stay.

They are now sitting on Sistrum platforms and the difference is HUGE. I was told by Robert at Star Sound (makers of Sistrum) that the platforms are designed to let the speakers operate at their full potential.

Some of the benefits I heard with the Sistrum platforms in place were: better dynamics, deeper/tighter bass, extended (not bright) highs, and an overall ease and naturalness to the sound. They also allow you to play a little louder with less strain. I highly recommend the Sistrum platforms.

Also, if your Silverlines are biwireable and you are using a single run of speaker cables, get rid of the cheap jumpers. I replaced my stock jumpers with Omega Mikro ribbons and the benefits are NOT SUBTLE.