TV stand that will fit center channel speaker?

I am looking for a new stand for my 60" Sony XBR1. Here is my dilema. I need something that is going to hold my Arcam AVR600,PS Audio Powerplay 8000,Verizon HD box, Sony PS3,and Xbox 360. That is not the problem, I also want to place my KEF Q600C center channel speaker in the stand. The speaker is almost 25"wide, 8.5 " tall,and 12" deep, it does not fit in the Sony stand that I am using now. The Sony stand is about 17" tall and the viewing height is good. I can go for a few inches taller,that would not be a problem at all. Any ideas what I can take a look at? Thanks for the help.
Can you have a platform built to hold the center in it and place TV on top of it? I did that with oddly enough a Sony I had and with a little care it can look very matched and sleek. Some would prefer the added height of screen aswell.
check out
Steve designed a custom A/V rack for me that holds my 60" Pioneer plasma on an ariculated mount with a very large Paradigm center speaker directly below and plenty of space for A/V receiver and source components. Mine is in stealth black, but Steve can do natural wood and/or silver aluminum too.
I had the same problem… so instead of housing my center speaker inside a platform, I built a 2.5 inch high platform that my Pioneer sits on which raised the screen height just high enough for me to put my center speaker in front of the platform… when I’m watching a DVD. When I’m not watching a DVD, my center speaker sits on the floor behind my left front speaker.