Turntable Problems...Upgrade from Benz, Funk to???

Hello All..
Ok, so here is my problem..
I just got hold of a Funk Vector 2 T/T..w Benz Micro 2E cartridge..
Its going through NAD PP 2 to a NAD 320 BEE into B&W 602s...
I am noticing lack of bass weight & slam...System feels bright, harsh...And also 50 % quieter than equivalent cd..
I just listened to Miles Davis-Man with the Horn..on lp ..bass is light, back in the mix...on the cd (Mastersound version) Bass is huge, fat, vibrantand volume of disc WAY LOUDER....
I am a professional bassist...So bass is er...Important.
I hate harsh sounding systems...
So-what T/T in the 1000 (Used) price range and what cartridge in the 200 range..And poss. new Phono stage too..(say 300-500)
Shortlisted would be VPI Scout? (or Classic if I can stretch it)
Rega P-5, Roksan, Marantz,or Nottingham...
Denon cartridge?
Sim Audio Pre??
Please any advice greatly appreciated.
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I'd say you are on target with the scout. I had the scoutmaster and it excelled in the bass area. I'm not that familiar with $200 cart so I cannoy be of much help there. I will say that if you can stretch a bit, the Dyna 20xl or xh will be a good match. MSRP is $750 new. You may be able to get a used one for $350 range
One problem you mention is the comparative volume switching from CD to LP. The original volume level of all sources was at the level the phono section is at. (About 0.25 volts) When the CD was introduced they created a 'new' standard MUCH higher in level at around 2.0 volts (Much louder)
So the discrepancy between almost all other sources and CD sources still exists today.
As for the bass.. ??
a phono pre amp with adjustable gain may be what you need. TG
Do you mean Benz MC20E II ? It gives 2,2 mV output voltage. Your phono-pre enables the connection of both types of cartidges (MM/MC-high output and MC-low output). My suggestion would be better cartridge (and more powerful amp later on).
Hi Amater-yes indeed...MC20E....I am finding it harsh...
Would a Denon DL-160 be better-or Dynavector..??
Also Pre amps...I would rather nor drop 1000 plus on an EAR ..how about Moon from Sim Audio..thoughts anyone????
Britishmuzik, there are many posts claiming that phono preamp has a considerable influence on sound. By my opinion, the quality of cartridge is more weighty. I can not suggest a certain brand/type of cartridge to you, because my own experience was/is limited to Denon DL-110, Micro Benz ACE H and Micro Benz LP.