Turntable Problems...Upgrade from Benz, Funk to???

Hello All..
Ok, so here is my problem..
I just got hold of a Funk Vector 2 T/T..w Benz Micro 2E cartridge..
Its going through NAD PP 2 to a NAD 320 BEE into B&W 602s...
I am noticing lack of bass weight & slam...System feels bright, harsh...And also 50 % quieter than equivalent cd..
I just listened to Miles Davis-Man with the Horn..on lp ..bass is light, back in the mix...on the cd (Mastersound version) Bass is huge, fat, vibrantand volume of disc WAY LOUDER....
I am a professional bassist...So bass is er...Important.
I hate harsh sounding systems...
So-what T/T in the 1000 (Used) price range and what cartridge in the 200 range..And poss. new Phono stage too..(say 300-500)
Shortlisted would be VPI Scout? (or Classic if I can stretch it)
Rega P-5, Roksan, Marantz,or Nottingham...
Denon cartridge?
Sim Audio Pre??
Please any advice greatly appreciated.
I'd say you are on target with the scout. I had the scoutmaster and it excelled in the bass area. I'm not that familiar with $200 cart so I cannoy be of much help there. I will say that if you can stretch a bit, the Dyna 20xl or xh will be a good match. MSRP is $750 new. You may be able to get a used one for $350 range
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Do you mean Benz MC20E II ? It gives 2,2 mV output voltage. Your phono-pre enables the connection of both types of cartidges (MM/MC-high output and MC-low output). My suggestion would be better cartridge (and more powerful amp later on).
Hi Amater-yes indeed...MC20E....I am finding it harsh...
Would a Denon DL-160 be better-or Dynavector..??
Also Pre amps...I would rather nor drop 1000 plus on an EAR ..how about Moon from Sim Audio..thoughts anyone????
Britishmuzik, there are many posts claiming that phono preamp has a considerable influence on sound. By my opinion, the quality of cartridge is more weighty. I can not suggest a certain brand/type of cartridge to you, because my own experience was/is limited to Denon DL-110, Micro Benz ACE H and Micro Benz LP.