Turntable + phono preamp?

Hi I have a Rotel RP900 turntable which provides the phono outputs. I would like to connect this turntable to an amplifier/receiver which only has line-in inputs, and which is also quite far away (about 14 ft.) from where the turntable will be.

I was looking into purchasing one of the Parasound phono pre-amps and connecting it in between the turntable and the main receiver/amp.

Will this do the job I am thinking of and deliver a good signal over such a distance?

The output coming out of the turntable will be low, so I would opt for the phono preamp being close to the turntable, with the long cables being between the phono preamp and the receiver.
Yes that's what I had in mind, let's say the ~2-3 ft cables from turntable to preamp and then another 12-13 ft from preamp to the main receiver would this work?

12 feet is not really that long to be truthful. You are pretty safe under 20 feet.
Yes what you want to do is the correct thing.
A few feet from TT to phono amp, then long to the main preamp/etc.
Good luck.