Turntable getting back to vinyl

Please tell me there is a turntable under $ 400 that would sound satisfying with my nad 356
and totem sttaf speakers. Thanks!!!


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audio gods bear with me....why would i want a dj turntable? it is an aesthetic and philosophical turn off to me. I'm a pro musician (with serious high range hearing loss - but that is another story)

And isnt the cartridge more of a deciding factor for sound? 

I realize i am way out of my depth on this forum but i appreciate any advice.
thanks no romance....i would have to look at he project carbon then.
Yes I have a lot of records. I worked at ao ne stop and record stores for many years and i think im the only who saved their records! Ireally do wantt ohear them again but idont have $100 for a turntable setup.
But idont care about speed adjustment or dj things....
Thank you for all the advice!