Turbo power supply for Oracle turntable


I recently purchased an Oracle Delphi Mk V and was wondering if the optional turbo power supply made a worthwhile improvement? How much does this cost? Lastly, are there upgrades/tweaks for this table that I should know about? I am using a SME 309 arm and Shelter 901 cartridge.

If this turbo is anything like the VPI SDS regenerator, then the result is indeed very worthwhile on 'better' turntable equipment. Output frequency is adjustable for speed tuning, & it ramps output voltage up to full power for startup, then backs it down after startup which reduces motor noise. The SDS lists for $1000 but can be had for less at discount, or of course used. You could use an SDS with your Oracle as well.
Ethan, I don't know about the Turbo controller for the Oracle. Generally, that kind of thing is a good addition. There are others available, like Bob said above, and the Walker Motor Controller is another one to consider. Another option would be to use a DC motor system like the one Origin Live supplies. You would have to ask them about the application for the Oracle.
Thanks, I didn't realize these units were interchangeable. I'll have to find out more about the Oracle and see how it compares to these other options.
I own the Oracle Delphi MKV SE (Granite base plus turbo power supply). The Oracle Turbo supply makes a noticeable improvement in the perfromance of an already super turntable. I would recommend using the Oracle Turbo supply.
Oh, just $#*&^@! great. Another new audio upgrade that want to try. How much? And, do-able on a MkIII? Aren't the motors different? TIA.