Tubes with Paradigm Reference 100??

Hey everyone

I have been toying with the idea of getting a tube amp to complement my SS rig when I play certain vocal music etc. This tube amp would have to push my Paradigm Reference 100.2 to moderate levels (say around 95dB?) comfortably. The amps would not be in a biamp configuration - just used alternately depending on the type of music being played.

Has anyone tried tubes with these speakers? In the archives for these speakers, there was little mention of tube amps. I know they are a tough load impedance-wise but they are not very insensitive, or are they? Knowing your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Arthur
I used a CJ MV-60 and it played PLENTY loud for my tastes. Sounded fabulous as well
I had a 30 wpc Dynaco ST-70 with some Reference 80's.(92db) The 100's are 91 db.
I got real good SPL's, I would say more than moderate.
Im not sure about the 100's being a difficult load to drive.They are 8 ohm.I dont know how they drop though.
The 80's make a slow,smooth curve down to 6 ohms I do know and were easy to drive.
35 wpc (Dynaco)
The 100's are probably more correctly a 6Ω load and drops to just below 4Ω in the bass region. I would suggest to email Paradigms tech support or ask a knowledgeable dealer for their recommendations or even demo a tube amp at your dealer's on a pair of 100's. Let us know what you find out.
I was thinking of a CJ MV55 actually, or a PP EL34 amp like the ASL around 30W so this info comes in handy. The 100's impedance dips to 3 ohms (spurring my comment about being a hard load) but I think some tubes will be ok with that. Thanks again -Arthur