Tubes or Solid State?????

Thinking of upgrading from my Tandberg separates to either a Pathos Classic MKII Integrated, Primaluna Integrated or the Krell KAV400 solid state. I'm intrigued by the Pathos mixture of solid state and tube technology, and curious of the Primaluna all tube approach but I am drawn to the Krells offing of 200wpc as well. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
I currently have a Jadis Orch Refer, the best tube amps in the world. And I'm waiting get a a Cayin A88, which I'm expecting to be an upgrade. So go figure, before you get an italian amp.
Go tubular, you'll be grateful!
Thus far on my journey, I prefer the transparency and holography of tubed amps to solid state or digital (ICE, UcD, NuForce). I am presently auditioning a tube/SS hybrid, the Moscode 401HR, which is an excellent blending of tube and SS technology.
if your tandbergs are the 3000 series, i don't think you will have any revalations switching. onthe otherhand the laterday 4000 series were not the best tandberg made. 10 years from now, the tandbergs will still be considered classic performers
I had a Pathos Classic II for awhile. It is the one component that I regret having sold. Have tried the Primaluna. It is nice, but not up to the Pathos.
A fellow audiophile who likes to tweek his system replaced a many-tubed Cary amp with a TRL solid state amp. Those of us who listened noticed improvement in transparency and imaging.

I would add Rogue Audio to your list. I have a Krell Ksa-250 and Rogue Audio tube amps.

The Ksa-250 and another Krell amp (Kav-500) were part of my multichannel system. When I broke that system up I sold off the Kav-500 and bought the Rogue amps.

I like the Rogue monos a lot...I would expect the Rogue integrated amps have the same sound, solid state like in bass and hi freq' bloom in midrange freq's.

Really, you need to match your amp with your, factor in the type of sound your going after for "That" system. Solid state amps sound amps even more so.

>I currently have a Jadis Orch Refer, the best tube amps in the world<

The best tube amps in the world huh? I'm glad this controversial issue has finally been decided. Time for a nap.