Tubes on Hales Transcendence 5?

Anyone know the impedence/efficiency on the hales transcendence 5? I know that they like some power, but I am considering the purchase of a tube amp. I do not want to waste the money if tubes won't drive them at all. I am currently running them with a Levinson 27.5 with good results, but would like to be able to switch back and forth. I just switched from a Krell preamp to a Joule-Electra and I am hooked on tubes. Any comments would be appreciated.
I heard a pair of Hales t5's at a show with ARC Reference 300 monoblocks & MIT's best speaker cable. The setup sounded good but those speakers really sucked up the power so hopefully you're planning on some high power amps.
I don't think you'll have any problems. One of my friends is using the same speaker with a Golden Tube SE-40 and it sounds very good, no choking bass or any other defects. That amp offers only modest power. My impression (based soley on anecdotal observation) is that other than single-ended triodes, tube amps seem to provide a good deal more apparent volume per watt than solid state amps.
Thanks for the feedback - sounds like its worth a try.
I've just sold my T5's...for T8's...and usd ARC VT100 II and III with quite good results. Yes, they can do best with power, especially if you listen to large scale dynamic material. The 5's are most suited to medium weight work and sound better with tubes as opposed to solidstate amps...unless you go to the kilobuck ss models. I imagine a Jeff Rowland 8ti would be good too!

My other amps. that worked quite well included Quad 606 (ss), and Beard P35 (t).

For the 8's I'll need lots more, though.