Tubed Pre versus Integrated? $2K USD range.

I want to make the move to tubed audio. I have about $2000 USD to spend. I want to buy new as I have had too many bad experiences buying used audio equipment. I currently run a rebranded 1990s Pioneer Prologic receiver as a pre-amp into a solid state 100WPC amp, to a pair of JBL LX-500s. I also have a self-powered sub.

My quandary is, do I buy a tubed pre-amp in my price range or do I buy a tubed integrated with variable out; run the JBLs on tubes and the sub on the variable out?
If your current amp isn't particularly high quality and/or you wouldn't be sorry to see it go, I'd recommend the tube integrated route given that your speakers are relatively easy to drive. In particular, I'd consider the Rogue Cronus which is right in your price range, has a variable output, and sounds fantastic.
I own a Jolida 302 integrated tube amp. There is a bypass I think a sub can be hooked to. Read reviews to get a hold on the amp. For me it might be the last one I buy, good luck.

PS: Price is $1475 right now.