Tube Preamp with "pass through" for HT option?

Can any of you suggest a tube preamp with a HT pass through so I can use a tube preamp for 2 channel listening and my Myryad MDP500 G6 for home theater and satellite (with the option for 2 channel too). I am just venturing and gaining knowledge into tube setups so ignore my naivity if it applies. My plan is to continue to use and Anthem MCA II Series 2 Solid State 2-channel amp to power my Dynaudio Contour 1.3 II speakers. The other amp is an Anthem MCA III series 2 which powers the center and 2 surrounds. If a tube amp like this is available without breaking the bank (again!) please suggest and how would be best to hook up? Thanks. Dave
I just received a BAT VK3i that has a unity gain function that allows for HT pass-thru. I haven't had the chance to utilize it thought because it is in a 2 channel only system.
The BAT's unity gain feature only gives you a fixed gain setting for any input. That allows you to adjust volume level from the processor but it is not a HT pass through because signal still goes through all the preamp amplification circuits.
I belive Rogue Offers HT Bypass as an option on thier Pre amps and Integrated. COntact them for details.
VAC preamps have HT pass-thru.
As Natnic mentioned Rogue has the option, but I believe the switch is toggle switch on the back of the unit. So to access it you must reach around the back of the pre to flip the switch. A 66 Magnum just sold the other day for $699.

Another option, staying in the Anthem family, is the Pre 2L. It will mate well with you MCA 2. I saw one go recently for around $600. Do a search here on the 'gon for more info on each. Good luck.
The Audio Research LS 16 has home theater pass through and the toggle is on the front. Works like a charm. You don't have to have a home theater pass through input. You can also just feed the pre outs of your home theater unit to a line in on any tube preamp but that would mean you would have to find a place to set the volume on the tube pre but you could still adjust the volume with the remote of your home theater pre.
Sonic Frontier Line 1, 2, and 3. Perhaps the older models have this feature as well.
McIntosh C2200
All Blue Circle preamps can be equiped with a HT processor loop. The HT loop is kept separate from the rest of the preamp. If you have any questions about it, drop me a message :-)