Tube Preamp With Bryston 4B-ST

I have the Bryston 4B-St amplifier, and the Verity Parcifal Encore speakers. Would like to trade in my Bryston preamp for a tube preamp. I am in the process of replacing my CD player with either a Resolution Audio or the Sim CD player. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
I have a Brystion 4B NRB amp paired with a Audible Illusions M3A tube preamp and it sounds fantastic. I like having the tubes in the preamp section as opposed to the power amp because I enjoy the benifits of the Brysyon, such as plenty of power to run my rather inefficiet speakers, the quickness of the amp and the powerful bass that I get from it. The Audible Illusions mates well to it and brings a nice smooth sound to my system. It is not a real "tubey" sounding preamp, but it is very neutral sounding and brings plenty of "air" and "body" to the music. If you are into vinyl, this is a must have preamp. Good luck on your search.
SS amp + tube pre amp is a favorite combo of many.I had a 3BST that sounded great with an Anthem pre 1L(used $600.-$650.) and better with a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature(used $700.-$750.) and even better with an A I M3A .(used $1200-$1600.)If you do not need a phono section you will be very satisfied with the SFL-1.Happy hunting !
the JOULE ELECTRA LA100MKIII,INCREDIBLE SYNERGY. very smooth highs + mids with tight tunefull bass. had this set up for a while before switching to all tubes.
Have beeb using the Bryston 7B ST's with a BAT VK5iSE. Wondeful combination, especially using balanced interconnects.