Tube Preamp and Crossover with Sub

In a two channel (stereo) setup (with a sub), I am looking to control precisely where my front speakers crossover with the sub. Using an Onkyo 5508 Preamp, I have crossed the fronts and sub at 80hz. I can go down to 60 or 70hz and it still sounds fine (but not as good as 80hz.)

HOWEVER, once I switched out the Onkyo 5508 for my Cary SLP-05 tube preamp, I lose the ability to control this precise crossover point and therefore muddying the upper base and midrange to some degree.

I want to know if there is any device that will allow me to control the crossover points of my two speakers (Mirage OMD-28's) and sub (Seaton)?

I was looking at the Bryston 10B Sub.....but wanted to know if there were any other suggestions.


Nice eequipment...seaton subs are serious stuff. Mirages nice too. Velodyne has an SRS-1 or something that is a crossover. Alternatively, you could run the Mirages in parallel with sub...yes, you still have main speakers running full blast, but you still get ability to adjust sub using its controls to blend.

depending on bass response of your mirages, you may find this preferable in the upper bass where 80hz cut-off might lose you some 'defined punch' in the upper bass. my two cents.