Tube Phono Stage Used $600-$1000

My cartridge is Van Den Hul Colibri XCP. It's output is 1 mv and optional input resistance is 1K to 47K. My preamp's maximum input is 300 mv. I want to buy a used tube phono preamp bw $600 and $1000.
My amp is Musical Fidelity Nuvisto M3, and my speaker is B&W Nautilas 803, and I used Cardas Golden Cross IC & speaker cable.
I majorly listen to classical music.
Any suggestion is wellcome very much.
Sonic Frontiers Sig 1 6-800
Audio Research PH3
If space is a problem try the EAR.
EAR 834P would be an excellent choice. I've owned the Sonic Frontiers mentioned above and much prefer the EAR. I've used it with a Van den Hul Grasshopper (.6mV) and currently use a Grado Reference (1mV) on my Well Tempered Reference. These are really great phono stages.
I'm dying to check out the Manley Steelhead unit....
I am dying to have enough money to check out a Manley Steelhead.
I have an EAR 834, and an EAR 834P, that I use with various Rega tables and cartridges. I have been very happy with them both.
Great phono preamps, especially if you can find a good used one.
Hope that helps.
I currently own the EAR and it is my favorite in this price range. You can get it sounding better by changing tubes and power cord. Some of the ones I compared the EAR to are:

Lehmen Black Cube
Acoustec PH-1
Audio Research PH-1

Good luck,