Tube 'Characteristics' - EL-34 and 845 and 211

At the risk of getting slammed by those that think all tubes should sound the same in a properly designed circuit, I was wondering if anyone can comment on their experiences and the differences they have heard between the EL-34 tubes and the 845's and 211's. I've used the EL-34 for many years but have been advised that I should seek out a good 845 mono block to use with my super sensitive KHorns. Is the 845 more powerful sounding? Does it have or can it match the natural 'beauty' inherent to the EL-34?
I had used the AT ATM3s with 34s and liked the sound better than the much more expensive Viva Verona XLs.I just never took a liking to the 845s,even driven by a 211.Seemed to lose that tube magic.Oh well.
I went from Conrad Johnson Premier 12s (140 wpc pp, 6550 output tubes) to a friend's design SET monoblocks (12 wpc 845 outputs, EL34 drivers, 6N7 inputs) because the 845 SETs sounded MORE powerful and open, with exceptional dynamics and just plain musicality. That was 4 years ago and I never regretted the change for a minute.

I'm using metal plate 845Ws, no longer available, if only temporarily. The input and driver tubes make a big sonic difference too, and the Mullard xf1 EL-34s I formerly used have given way to much less expensive reissue Russian KT77s by Genelex/Gold Lion. These are sensational tubes, IMO.

Bottom line: Yes, moving to 845 SET monoblocks will be a major upgrade IF they have robust trannies. Mine are humongous Magnequests. Good luck, Dave

Not trying to change the thread, as it interests me too, but would you mind indicating the diffs from 34's to 77's?

I use the CED winged C 34's presently in my mono blocks.