Tube amp for RC-10's

I have a question about the sensitivity rating of RC-10's. I thought I had read that they were rated 92db in pairs. Just went to the Energy site and saw this for the 10's:
Sensitivity (anechoic) 88dB
Sensitivity (2 speakers in a typical room) 91dB

Is it safe to consider them 91dbs? I'm deciding on a tube amp to run them and want to make sure I make the right choice. The two main ones I am looking at are the Prima Luna Prologue One and the Jolida 502(open to other suggestions $1,000-$2,000). Would either of those amps be powerful enough for the 10's?
Mate I'd reckon those little RC 10's will sing with either of those amps. I use 2 way floor standers 2.6 Cu ft enclosures and 8inch bass/mid with a tweeter... 50watt tube provides AMPLE listening volume