tube amp advice

looking to try tube amp in my 2.5's,with twin velodyne hgs-10 subs handling bottom thru vendetta x-over.[great combo.]vtl 2.5 pre.all cd source thru marantz sa-1.not much tube exp.,though have owned c-j prem.140 in past.something with easy bias adj.,if not auto.all jazz,some at moderatly high volume on occasion.budget around 1200.00 used.any help is appreciated.
Rogue 120, Music Reference RM-9, VTL Compact 100.
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At the $1200 price point, and with speakers that require at least 100wpc, I believe Viridian has given you some good suggestions.
Music Rereference RM-9 Mk 1 or 2.
The Rogue 120 is an excellent recommendation. Terrific value.

Another possibility, although seen less frequently on Audiogon, is a pair of pre-owned Quicksilver M-80. They sell for around $1K

Good build quality, reliability, and customer service if needed.
Music Reference RM-9
Another suggestion: Dynaco mk iii monos by Will Vincent (autospec here on Audiogon). Lovely amps, authentically retro, and right at 1200 price point.