TT Upgrades belt to string & steel ball to ceramic

Looking to further improve my tt.
Went on the boca-bearing site and wasn't sure exactly which ball to get?
Also would like to try string instead of belt. What are all my options and where are they available??
Thanks Happy Holidays!
I would assume Ceramic SI3N4 would be the most worthy choice, and the most expensive as well.

Doing lube maintainence on my own HW-19 MK-IV Platter earlier this week, I see as well, that my Bearing Ball is indeed also exactly .250". I'd like to also mention under a 10X Jeweler's Loupe could see absolutely no damage at all.

From what I understand, the lower the numerical grade number, the smoother in finish the Bearing is. For example, Grade 5 has a surface smoothness of 5 millionths of an inch. Grade 3 is 3 millionths of an inch smoothness, and you'll note the lower the number, the higher the cost.

Although it is not quite so cost prohibitive to upgrade one singular Bearing Ball, one can see how cost can get very expensive if one needed let's say a 100 of them for a project!

One fact that cannot be denied-overlooked, is does one truly need a Ceramic Ball? Will there be predictable-notable benefits with its different properties? It's hard for me to say?

Being that the Thrust Plate material will be the same, and nothing else changes, my one question would be,"what effect does Ceramic (if any?) have on the Thrust Plate Material, which is no dot quite softer"?

Looking at your system, I see a VPI TNT 5 listed, and am unsure whether your bearing is inverted/non-inverted, and whether it makes any difference? Since I'm unfamiliar what your Bearing, and it's materials are comprised of, this may be a matter to discuss this with somebody who possesses more knowledge than I about the mechanics of Tunrtable Bearings?

It's certainly not a huge expenditure, at about $5.45 for a .250" SI3N4 Ball, and may be worth a try? It would be interesting to hear your findings?

I would imagine benefits one would be hoping to achieve, would be reduced friction, improved Bearing life, lower noise. I would also assume lubricants, and what type, would also impart thier specific qualities to Bearing performance? Mark