Tributaries 250 TriVideo not as good as MV3. Why?

I just bought the new and very expensive Tributaries
TriVideo component video cable ($250) and I was very
disappointed that it was not nearly as sharp as my cheap
Monster Video 3 component video cable. The color
saturation on the TriVideo was better, but the Monster
gave a much sharper and more 3D picture. I compared
back and forth several times and every time the Monster
was much sharper. What gives?

I obviously cannot see your Video, however, do not assume your TV color, contrast, sharpness, and other settings are adjusted correctly. Your TV was setup using cheap cables. Your setting may be too high for the (assumed) better signal from the better cables. I have never experienced the Tributaries cables, so do not know how good they are.
get the "video essentials" dvd. very good results can be obtained by following the step-by-step setup instructions for your tv/dvd player, as well as your audio.